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Conditions of Use

De malle heks prefers to see you in her little shop in Tilburg but for those who are afraid of being turned into toads or frogs we offer the option to place orders on the worldwide-spiderweb.
To let business run as swiftly and to evade complications we use the following conditions of use.

On every offer and agreement provided by De malle heks she uses the following terms of use.

To accept an offer or placing an order means that you agree with these terms.
The only time to stray from these terms is when De malle heks sends a written letter about the change.

Offers/ agreements
The prizes of De malle heks are informal.
There is only an agreement after De malle heks webshop accepts your order.
De malle heks is entitled to decline orders or put additional terms on the agreement.
When the event occurs that De malle heks declines an order, she will let it know in 10 days time. 

Prizes and payment
Prices are in euro’s and include taxes. Transport costs are fixed, proof of deliverance will be included.

We will deliver the products on a place and time when the goods are ready to be sent.
De malle heks is entitled to deliver the goods in multiple parts. The extra costs that this way of transporting the products cause, are for De malle heks.
The shipping period is merely indicative. Later shipping doesn’t provide the customer the right of reclaims.

Property restriction.
The ownership of the delivered products only transfer onto the customer when the agreement is fulfilled by both parties. Risks concerning goods will be your responsibility from the moment of deliverance.

Intellectual and industrial rights of ownership.
You are obliged to absolutely and unconditionally respect , every intellectual and industrial rights of ownership which rest upon the products that De malle heks delivers.

You have the obligation to check the products for errors in the agreements and damage at the moment of arrival. When this is the case you are obliged to inform De malle heks as soon as possible, and at least within 2 days, anyhow as soon as it was possible to state the problem, using the following e-mail address:
When retouring of the products is a necessity, you can send the products within 7 days time to the following address:

De malle heks
Korvelseweg 108a
5025 JK Tilburg
The Netherlands 

You can also deliver the products to our store personally.

We can only compensate for returning goods when they are not used and returned in the original packing. The additional costs for returning go to you, unpaid returns will not be accepted. The purchase sum, without deduction of costs which are made, will be remitted within 14 days to the bank account we received the payment from. Also can be chosen to replace the goods, when returned, by new products.

Orders and Communication.
De malle heks can not be held reliable for misunderstandings, delays or not properly transitions of order data and messages because of the use of internet or other medium of communication in between you and De malle heks, and De malle heks and third parties involved in the agreement, unless it is evident that De malle heks did this on purpose, or by gross debt of De malle heks.


As expected we at De malle heks respect the privacy of our customers and users of this website. We guarantee that we preserve your confidential information. This information will only be used with the purpose of dealing with De malle heks newsletter, we will only use your confidential information with your permission. De malle heks will not sell your confidential information to third parties and will only provide access to this information to those who are involved in working your order. The confidential information we will ask of you include your name, delivery address and e-mail address. With your permission we use your information to inform you about the latest developments on our website. We do this with the already mentioned newsletter.

Circumstances beyond one’s control.

Unaffected by the rights of the other party, De malle heks has the right to, in case of circumstances beyond one’s control, either delay or disband the agreement without any judicial interference, by informing you in written form. De malle heks cannot be held responsible for any reclaims unless this wouldn’t be acceptable in the norms of reasonableness and fairness.

Circumstances beyond one’s control are defined as follows, every shortage that De malle heks can’t be held reliable for, when it’s not her fault according to law or judicial ways.

Provided that you send a written statement including an address De malle heks is in her right to send all the products to that address unless you specifically and in written form, state another shipping address where the products should be delivered.

When De malle heks has tolerated a loose attitude towards the terms for a shorter or longer duration even in silence, she still has the rights to demand the strict follow up of the terms and agreements. You can never call upon any right based on the fact that De malle heks handles these terms loosely.

De malle heks has the right to include the help of third parties in the execution of your order.

Apposite right and authorized judge.
On all rights, duties, offers, orders and agreements to which these terms are in force, and also the conditions, exclusively Dutch judgement is in order.
All complications between parties will only be solved by a authorized judge in the Netherlands.

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